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Mushroom Extract Chocolate

Mushroom Extract Chocolate

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  • Composition: A chocolate bar combining cocoa elements and mushroom extract, enriched with Delta 9 T.H.C.
  • Potency: Each square has 510mg of actives, with 5,100 MG total per bar.
  • Flavor: Enjoy the cosmic cookies and cream flavor with cannabinoid perks.
  • Legal Status: <0.3% Delta 9 T.H.C, federally compliant, no psilocybin.
  • Effect: Expect a potent, lasting effect; start with a small dose and adjust.
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THC d9 mushroom chocolate

escape reality and relaxation to new heights

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yes! 100% legal & direct to your door

ready to be high anytime, anywhere

Contains: Mushroom Extract, Mascarine, Muscimol, Delta 9 THC, milk powder, natural vanilla extract, sugar, cocoa butter

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your high journey starts here

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$45 millions the priсe of a flight into space...

...or only one chocolate bar to escape reality

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natural high quality products

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126k subcribers

"I thought I'd seen it all, but this Mushroom Chocolate is next level! The taste is crazy good and the ride? Oh boy, it's like stepping into another dimension. You gotta try it to believe it. This gummies ain't just a gummies, it's a cosmic adventure."

360k sabscribers

"Yo, this Mushroom Chocolate is straight fire, man! I'm talking instant head rush, flavors blasting off like a rocket. It's like taking a magic carpet ride through your mind, bro. Trust me, once you puff this, you won't wanna touch anything else!"


"Mushroom Chocolate is straight fire, for real! Hits you with an instant head rush, flavor's exploding like you're blasting off. It's like a magic carpet ride inside your head, bro. And guess what? It kills the pain too.!

Customers Reviews

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photo_2023-12-14 18.26.27.jpeg__PID:d1fc1ece-f8cd-41ad-8a6e-4181cc990394

Jane, Chicago, IL

"Eated it with some friends at a party, and it brought the whole vibe up a notch. We were laughing, sharing, just having a great time. You gotta try it."

photo_2023-12-14 18.26.24.jpeg__PID:ead1fc1e-cef8-4d11-ad8a-6e4181cc9903

Marry, Chicago, IL

"Totally loved this product! The flavor is on point, and man, the relaxing vibes? Exactly what I needed. It's like, super chill and just what I was looking for."

photo_2023-12-14 18.26.21.jpeg__PID:32ead1fc-1ece-48cd-91ad-8a6e4181cc99

Mia, New York, NY

"Ordered these babies twice already and gotta say, I'm impressed. Can totally vouch for them. A full bar's kinda intense, so I stick to like half, and that's just perfect for me."

photo_2023-12-14 18.26.14.jpeg__PID:58ce32ea-d1fc-4ece-b8cd-11ad8a6e4181

Anna, Austin, TX

"Whether I'm looking to relax after a long day or get in tune with my creative side, this Chocolate delivers. A+ stuff."

photo_2023-12-14 18.26.11.jpeg__PID:9758ce32-ead1-4c1e-8ef8-cd11ad8a6e41

Tom, Miami, FL

"This is the third order with this brand - thank you guys for your bundles and sweets that give me a choice of how to spend the evening - quickly relax and fall asleep or vice versa to catch the cheerfulness and desire to have fun with my wife"

photo_2023-12-14 18.26.09.jpeg__PID:3c9758ce-32ea-41fc-9ece-f8cd11ad8a6e

Mike, New York, NY

"Hey, this really helps me out with my chronic back and lower back pain. It's like my back muscles just relax and all the spasms just let go. I totally recommend it if you're looking for some deep relaxation."

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