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Diamond Sauce Disposable 5g | Ghost Train Haze

Diamond Sauce Disposable 5g | Ghost Train Haze

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  • Content: Packed with a blend of THC-A Diamonds, THC-P, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and LIVE ROSIN, along with Natural Terpenes
  • Potency: Each vape device contains an impressive 5 grams of the component mix
  • Legal Status: All ingredients are derived from 100% USA-grown hemp and are federally compliant
  • Effect: This 5g Disposable, enriched with premium Live Rosin, brings you a lively, energetic experience. Its flavor profile is a delightful mix of sweet and sour citrus, combined with floral notes, offering a refreshing and invigorating taste. Ideal for daytime use or social gatherings, Ghost Train Haze energizes your mind and elevates your mood.


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LIVE ROSIN is a type of cannabis concentrate that is obtained by extraction without the use of solvents and chemicals


This method involves freezing freshly harvested cannabis flowers, which helps preserve terpenes and cannabinoids.

These frozen flowers are then subjected to a pressing process at high pressure and temperature to isolate the resin.

The resulting product is highly pure and retains the full range of aromas and effects of the plant.



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  • It takes 3,240 tonnes of fuel to fly into space

  • Or 5 grams of Lliquid Diamonds Disposable

  • GasBadyIzzy

    “Without question, a total five-star product. These devices are among the finest I’ve ever indulged in. For any newcomers, my advice would be to take it slow and relish the experience!!!”
  • TaeStayHigh

    “I’m totally addicted to these! They’ve become my go-to unwind tool for every show and tour I rip through. I always stash a few extras to share with my bandmates and new music buddies...”
  • Sarkazz

    “I had doubts about their potency at first, but these knocked me off my feet with their top-notch quality, profound effects, and outstanding taste!”

Pure & Natural

Live Rosin's made the chill way – no nasty chemicals.

Just squishing those frozen cannabis flowers to keep all the good stuff – terpenes and cannabinoids – real and intact.

Flavor Town

Thanks to freezing and easy-going extraction,

Live Rosin's loaded with the whole shebang of flavors and plant goodness.

It's a top pick for the cannabis connoisseurs out there.

Eco Vibe

The production of Live Rosin is environmentally friendly, as no toxic solvents are used.

This highlights a sustainable approach to the production of cannabis products.

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  • Sarah H.

    from Oregon
    "Liquid Diamonds Vape offers a high-quality THC vaping experience for young adults seeking a potent and flavorful option."
  • Jason M.

    from New York
    "The sleek and modern design of Liquid Diamonds Vape adds a touchof sophistication to the vaping experience."
  • Olivia P.

    from California
    "With its wide range of flavors and smooth hits, Liquid Diamonds Vape provides a satisfying and enjoyable vaping session."
  • Ethan W.

    from Texas
    "Liquid Diamonds Vape is a popular choice among young adults for its strong and long-lasting effects."
  • Liam A.

    from Texas:
    "The discreet and portable nature of Liquid Diamonds Vape makes it a convenient option for on-the-go use."

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What is Diamond Sauce Disposable 5g with Live Rosin?

It's a high-quality, disposable vape pen pre-filled with 5 grams of potent live rosin, offering a pure and intense cannabis experience.

What makes Live Rosin special in Diamond Sauce?

Live Rosin is solvent-free, preserving the natural flavors and effects of cannabis. It's known for its purity and potency, enhancing the vaping experience.

How long does the Diamond Sauce Disposable last?

It depends on usage frequency, but typically, the 5g cartridge offers a substantial number of uses, making it both convenient and long-lasting.

Is the Diamond Sauce Disposable easy to use?

Absolutely! It's user-friendly and ready to use right out of the box, with no need for charging or refilling.

Can I reuse the Diamond Sauce Disposable vape?

It's designed for single-use convenience. Once the live rosin is depleted, the device should be responsibly disposed of.

What flavors are available in the Diamond Sauce Disposable range?

The range includes a variety of strains, such as Luigi OG, Bubba Kush, MK Ultra, providing diverse flavor profiles for every preference.

Is Diamond Sauce Disposable suitable for beginners?

Yes, its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners, while its high-quality live rosin satisfies experienced users as well.

Are there any additives in the live rosin used in Diamond Sauce?

No, the live rosin is pure, without any additives or solvents, ensuring a clean and natural vaping experience.

Can THC disposable vapes fail a drug test?

Yes, there is a possibility that THC disposables can cause a failed drug test, especially if the test is designed to detect the presence of THC. This is because Delta 8 THC is a form of THC, albeit a less potent and less psychoactive one compared to Delta 9 THC. Most standard drug tests look for the presence of Delta 9 THC, but some tests may also detect other forms of THC, including Delta 8 THC.

Can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane?

If you are traveling within the United States, you can bring CBD products that contain less than 0.3 percent THC on a flight. However, it is important to follow TSA regulations, which limit liquids, including oils, tinctures, and creams, to 3 ounces or less. It is important to keep up on if CBD products are allowed on flights and we recommend reaching out to TSA if any questions persist.

If you are traveling outside of the country it is important to note what local laws and regulations regarding CBD products are.